About Us

ArancinoMania is a gourmet line of bite-size savoury and sweet arancini, gnocchi and meatballs.

Our Italian delicacies have been created and perfected by a Sicilian-born couple who wanted to share their hometown cuisine’s rich flavours with Australia.

Our products are proudly made in Perth using the finest local and imported ingredients, and we are always crafting fresh and exciting flavours and dishes at our kitchen in Osborne Park.

You’ll find our products stocked in a slew of premium grocers and delicatessens across Australia, waiting to be baked and enjoyed. And with classic arancino flavours like mozzarella and tomato to more exotic options like chilli, chicken and avocado, there’s a flavour sensation waiting for everyone!

Enjoy a delicious taste of Sicily with ArancinoMania.


Antichi Sapori is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of gourmet Italian products. Based in Perth, the company was established in early 2008 by Sicilian-born chef Tino Pintaudi and his wife Giusi who wanted to bring a taste of Sicily to Australia.

Together, they’re sharing their passion for the rich flavours of Sicilian cuisine with friends, foodies and businesses alike, with Antichi Sapori products—like AranciniMania–being supplied to over 60 restaurants, gourmet delicatessens, supermarkets and schools across the nation.