About Us

ArancinoMania is a West Australian family owned manufacturer and wholesaler of a range of speciality “arancini” products.

The company was established in early 2018 By Sicilian born chef Tino Pintaudi and wife Giusi who wanted to bring a taste of Sicily to Australia and share their passion for the rich flavours of Sicilian cuisine with friends and patriots alike.

Here at ArancinoMania, we are committed to using only the very finest ingredients in producing our delicious range of bite-sized delicacies. 

The Arancino

The origins of the Arancino date back to 10th century Sicily and it is considered the most characteristic and well-known dish in the region. The name refers to its size, spherical shape and colour and is derived from the word “Arancio” which means “orange”.

Traditionally they were filled with “ragu di carne”, a Bolognese sauce and mozzarella but have since evolved and are offered with an endless variation of fillings and coatings.


Antichi Sapori specialises in manufacturing and producing a range of home-style and authentic Italian food including gourmet pasta, large arancini, handmade biscuits and other traditional speciality products. Antichi Sapori was established in 2008 and is the parent company of ArancinoMania and Arancini Fine Italian Food.

They have been supplying gourmet delicatessens, schools, charity organisations, restaurants and supermarkets for over 7 years with their range of products. The ArancinoMania brand was started in early 2018 as a speciality brand for the bite-size arancini range.


Arancini Fine Italian Food opened in August 2013 and is the one stop shop that stocks Perth’s finest quality Italian food made by ArancinoMania & Antichi Sapori.

The local café/stockist sells a range of ready to eat or ready to heat traditional Italian dishes. They stock the full range of ArancinoMania bite size arancini which are ready to take home and heat in the oven.